Halloween is an occasion filled with tons of questions. What will you go as this year? What parties should you hit up? How many drinks can you handle without becoming a costumed train wreck? Once you’ve figured all those issues out, there’s one more important question to consider this year: Do you have enough energy to party for three days?

That’s because Halloween happens to fall smack-dab in the middle of the week in 2018, specifically on Wednesday, October 31. As a result, a majority of the biggest costume parties and masquerade balls will be happening the weekend prior on both Friday, October 26, and Saturday, October 27.

It should come as some good news to anyone interested in stretching out their Halloween celebrations across several days — provided they’ve got the means, the money, and the mojo. And if you need some suggestions on where to go, we’ve got your back on that one, too, boo. Check out the following the following guide to the biggest, best, and most bizarre bashes happening in the Valley during Halloween 2018.

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