It’s a well-known fact that energy is contagious, but it wasn’t until I visited Hand Cut Burgers & Chophouse that I realized that energy could also be transforming. What may have turned out to be a mediocre night out on the Scottsdale Waterfront was turned into a captivating experience because of the ambience and culinary offerings provided by Hand Cut.

Walking in the front doors, I was immediately greeted by charming hostesses who next guided my friend and I to our table. My eyes feasted on the impeccable décor and took note of the intricate details as I was being seated. From a giant wall adorned with bottles of aged whiskey, to the light fixtures that each hung with their own distinct personality, this venue was more than a sight to see. As Ifind myself gazing upon every minor detail of the venue, a live DJ provided a perfect soundtrack for the evening. I took it all in.

After a couple moments, we were welcomed to Riot Hospitality Group’s latest concept by a young, lively server, and at that moment it was clear that this was not a job, it was a passion. She explained with excitement that the menu featured burgers that were not only grass-fed, but grass- finished as well. There were cuts on the menu, as a steakhouse would serve, but these were responsibly sourced and responsibly priced. The server bragged about the absence of GMO’s, no antibiotics, no feeding lots – the most sustainable sourcing there is. She went on to describe the a la carte sides, mouth-watering appetizers, and a dessert menu. With items like Cookie Dough Bread Pudding and Salted Caramel Butter Cake, it not only suggests you save room, but demands it. A signature cocktail menu was presented as well, which features one-of- a-kind cocktails hand crafted by some of the best mixologists in Arizona. She was eager to explain the ice program behind the bar, which is showcased in drinks like the Fig Fashioned. This cocktail has been made into a work of art by adding a perfectly round ice sphere with a fig frozen inside of it.

Amidst a generous offering of different cuts, from a Duroc Pork Porterhouse to the Grass-Fed Venison Chops with Blackberry Compote, deciding what I wanted for dinner was not an easy feat. We finally decided to share the most impressive cut of meat I have ever laid eyes on – the Tomahawk. This two-pound, bone-in ribeye is served on a cutting board along with a loaded baked potato, and I can promise you it tastes just as amazing as it looks.

From beginning to end, my experience at Hand Cut was as if it had been orchestrated. Hand Cut aims to spark awe in their guests, and in that, they succeed without a doubt. When it comes to the nightlife industry Riot Hospitality Group is an established leader, but this new concept makes it clear that they are here to stay in the restaurant industry as well.